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Eurocrew is the initiative, which appeared in European maritime human resources sector in 2010.

Eurocrew Association has been registered in one of the biggest European ports – Gdynia. Registration place has been chosen with good reason. Gdynia with its less than hundred year history is well known and recognized worldwide symbol of fast development based on maritime tradition and maritime industry. Association existence is result of common ideas appearing among various institutions and individuals deeply involved in maritime human resources sector, coming from Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

European maritime industry is firmly resting on a great history, tradition and experience together with the educational background dating from 14thcentury and first Nautical Schools started on our continent.

We do believe that common work for common interest is the only solution to promote seafaring as attractive professional career development option for all young people in Europe. Our initial meetings have identified our challenges which are important and can not be ignored.

We must not allow the economic crises to divert us in the shipping from achieving our long term global goals – do it right and never jeopardize quality. This is the only way of staying safe and protecting our environment.

We are aware, we understand and we know European seafarers market and surely able to bring together Employers and Employees for the same table trying to bring out the best not only for commercial interest but the overall benefit for the industry. Our position between of the two sides shall be position of an important role able to offer assistance and service to both parties and make them much closer to each other.

Securing jobs and promoting European maritime manpower either male or female that will go along with the favourable EU legislation, improvement of human resource management techniques, setting proper rules of professional ethics in our business sector are the main objective defined by our Statute.

We do not set political borders as there are no borders at Sea, especially in Europe where maxim “navigare necesse est” was defined by ancient seafarers. We are open for any institution or individual from all European countries, being involved in maritime human resources business including seafarers, willing to act for our European interest. We should not allow a European sailor becomes endangered species.

Common platform of experience exchange and active participation of all members and representatives seems to be the only solution for all of us.

Join us. We are waiting for you.

Council of Eurocrew Association